FatdogArm is a port of Fatdog64 to the ARM platform. Currently in Beta release, it is based on Fatdog64 and thus shares much of Fatdog64 features. Like Fatdog64, FatdogArm is intended for desktop-style operations but on the lower-cost ARM-based systems.

FatdogArm currently was originally built on A10/Mele A1000 hardware, although it can be easily adapted for other platforms.

These days, in addition to the Mele, FatdogArm is known to run on:

The porting process of FatdogArm (for Alpha version) is described in details here.
The current version of FatdogArm is built for ARMv7 VFPv3-d16 and was based on LFS 7.4.


Compared to other ARM distributions, FatdogArm comes with these unique features:

And these are the features of the standard binary distribution inherited from Fatdog64:
And many more will be included - FatdogArm has its own repository here. The list is still small now, but it is growing.

A big thank you goes to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for www.ibiblio.org and for hosting Fatdog64 and FatdogArm!


Click here for info on the latest release.
Click here to download the images which can be copied to your own SD card or USB stick.


FatdogArm packages comes in two flavours:

You can also get all the source packages used to build FatdogArm.


Ibiblio has mirrors around the world. Click here to find a mirror near you. (This mirror is popular.)


FatdogArm shares most of its features with Fatdog64, so please refer to Fatdog64 documentation. Later on we will furnish a FatdogArm-specific instructions for cases where FatdogArm is different from Fatdog64. You may also want to review this Fatdog64's Beginner Guide, courtesy of smokey01.


FatdogArm doesn't have its own forum, instead it piggybacks on Puppy Linux Discussion Forum.  FatdogArm posts are usually found in the Puppy Projects subforum.


FatdogArm is created by james and is currently maintained by him.
Fatdog and Fatdog64 is created by kirk; and is currently maintained by kirk and james.

Fatdog Linux, Fatdog64 Linux and FatdogArm Linux is copyright (C) Kirk and James 2008 - 2016, based on derived works from Puppy Linux, copyright (C) Barry Kauler 2003 - 2014 and many other contributors.

FatdogArm is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 or later. Note that individual programs and scripts contained in Fatdog may be licensed differently, please see their descriptions for details.