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NEWS FLASH: procmail version 3.22 released

This is the home page of the procmail mail processing and SmartList mailing list suites. Procmail can be used to create mail-servers, mailing lists, sort your incoming mail into separate folders/files (real convenient when subscribing to one or more mailing lists or for prioritising your mail), preprocess your mail, start any programs upon mail arrival (e.g. to generate different chimes on your workstation for different types of mail) or selectively forward certain incoming mail automatically to someone.

The current stable version of procmail is 3.15.2. The current (unstable) development version of procmail is 3.21. The current version of SmartList is 3.15.

Procmail version 3.22 is a bugfix release that resolves all known regression issues seen in versions 3.20 and 3.21. With version 3.22, the 3.2x line of development is believed to be as stable and safe as the 3.15.x line of development.

Procmail version 3.15.2 is based on procmail version 3.15 and includes only security, correctness, and documentation fixes.

For information of changes in previous releases please see the procmail HISTORY file.


SmartList is built on top of procmail and provides for the simple creation and handling of mailing lists, including fully automated subscription/unsubscription/help-request processing, intelligent autoremoval of addresses from the list that cause too many bounces, a built in archive server (with MIME support), and just about all the other mailing list features you can think of.

SmartList version 3.15 adds support for List-* header fields, corrects the support for having a digested and an undigested list tied together, fixes some erroneous addresses extractions by multigram (the infamous "@yahoo" problem), and adds support for more types of 'bounce' messages including DSNs (Delivery Status Notifications). Several other minor problems are corrected in this release: please see the HISTORY file for details.

Source code

Given the recent string of trojaned FTP repositories, PGP signatures are available for the released distributions.

The procmail distribution PGP key used for the above signatures can be obtained from here. If you have a new enough version of PGP then you may be able to just ask it to add the key 0x4A25D351 and it will fetch the key from the PGP.net keyservers.


The following locations all host mirrors of the procmail ftp tree:

Mailing Lists

Several mailing lists support the procmail/SmartList community.

Interesting and Useful Links

Procmail was originally designed and developed by Stephen R. van den Berg <srb at cuci.nl>. In the fall of 1998, recognizing that he didn't have the time to maintain procmail on his own, Stephen created a mailing list for discussion of future development and deputized Philip Guenther <guenther at sendmail.com> as a maintainer.

The development mailing list can be subscribed to at procmail-dev-request@procmail.org

This page will hopefully be revised and expanded in the future, when some of us have more free time. Don't hold your breath.

Bug reports should be sent to <bug@procmail.org>. Questions about proper use of procmail should be sent to the proper mailing list, not directly to Stephen or Philip.