5. Non-downloadable WP 8

5.1. Where can I find a copy of WP 8.1 for Linux?

That version is available only inside boxed sets of CLOS Deluxe Edition and CLOS Standard Edition (the latter having fewer bundled fonts), versions 1.0 and 1.2. Nowhere else (except the 2003-4 "pilot project" re-release). There was never a "download edition", and Corel's licence terms strictly forbid redistribution.

CLOS Deluxe Edition v. 1.2 aka "Second Edition" can frequently be found on eBay.

Please note that downloading an ISO9660 (CD-ROM) image of CLOS absolutely does not do the trick: That will be CLOS Download Edition, which has no version of WP for Linux at all. You need CLOS Deluxe or Standard Edition, the two boxed sets -- not CLOS Download Edition.

5.2. What does WP 8.1 give me that's not in WP 8.0 DPE?

Electronic (PDF) and paper-bound reference manuals and an electronic (PDF) user's manual, the font-installer module, WP Draw (the drawing / charting module), the module to create custom dictionaries and hyphenation databases, an equation editor, network support, a print-queue manager, prepaid technical support, sample documents / templates / textures /clip-art / photos, and 300 fonts (with WP 8.1 PE; about 100 with WP 8.1 Light). Also, much better handling of watermarks, multiple language support in the spelling checker / grammar checker / thesaurus, more-current printer drivers and better printer setup, and no need to get a registration key. The necessary support libraries are also included and installed automatically. Corel Draw is also included (in a separate package).

5.3. What are the licence restrictions on WP 8.1 for Linux?

You may install it only on two machines at a time, for use by only a single user. You may not reverse-engineer or modify it. You must be in compliance with export laws and not associated with countries the USA considers naughty, like Cuba. You mustn't be on the USA Treasury or Commerce Department's lists of naughty people (drug smugglers, terrorists, export-regs violators, etc.). You mustn't allow use of the program to violate USA law.

Please note that, unlike WP 8.0 DPE, WP 8.1 is licensed for commercial usage.

The full licence text may be studied here: http://linuxmafia.com/pub/linux/apps/corel-wordperfect-8.1-licence

5.4. Why was WP missing from CLOS Deluxe / Standard Editions version 1.1?

CLOS Deluxe and Standard Editions v. 1.1 were available only as upgrades to apply to corresponding v. 1.0 boxed sets, not as standalone products. So, you didn't get a copy of WP because you already had one.

5.5. How do I install WP 8.1 (from a CLOS boxed set) on some other Linux distribution?

The main file you'll need from the CLOS boxed-set CD-ROM is a 40 MB one called wp-full_8.1-nn_i386.deb, where "nn" is the package version number, which will depend on the vintage of CLOS you have (and doesn't matter much). On any .deb-based distribution (such as Debian, Xandros Desktop OS, Libranet, Linspire / LindowsOS, Ubuntu Linux, Knoppix, Gnoppix, Morphix, Progeny Debian, Progeny Componentized Linux, Impi Linux, Skolelinux, MEPIS Linux, Kanotix, CLOS, Stormix, etc.), just do "dpkg -i packagename", as usual. WP probably won't be auto-added to your distribution's menus: The startup binary is "xwp".

On other distributions, you can use Joey Hess's "alien" utility to create an approximately equivalent RPM package, a Slackware .tgz package, a Solaris .pkg package, or a Stampede Linux .slp package. Alternatively, you can use the standard "ar" archive utility to pull apart the .deb file and install the pieces manually. The HOWTO documents linked from http://linux-sxs.org/utilities/wp_index.html will probably help, there.

CLOS Deluxe Edition also includes three .deb packages of PostScript Type 1 fonts (fonts-16_1.0-5.deb, fonts-69_1.0-4.deb, and fonts-115_1.0-4.deb), which are likewise useful on other Linux distributions. CLOS Standard Edition differs only in omitting the second two fonts packages mentioned. (You may also want the type1inst_0.6.1-6_i386.deb package, if you don't already have the Type 1 Font Installer utility.) On CLOS, they install to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/ , making them available to the system generally. You can either convert the .debs as detailed above for WP itself, or grab the font files from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/.

Font-addition procedures within WP 8.1 itself are covered in the next FAQ item.

Leon A. Goldstein's HOWTO for installing WP 8.x on Libranet gives more detail: http://libranet.com/support/2.8/wp8libranet2.8

5.6. How do I add fonts to WP 8.1?

First, as the root user, physically place them in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/ , or wherever system-wide Type 1 fonts go on your distribution. While in that directory, run "type1inst" (usually in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1), then "mkfontdir". The fonts will now be available to all applications using PostScript Type 1 fonts.

Last, run the WP font installer "/usr/lib/wp8/shbin10/wpfi" (creating /usr/lib/wp8/shlib10/wp.drs, the WP font map).

Alternatively instead of the last step, start xwp with the -admin (or -adm) command-line option. On the Format menu, pick Fonts. You'll find a button to select and then install (into WP's internal list of known fonts) fonts from a list of those available. Exit xwp. Or, instead of "xwp -admin", run /usr/lib/wp8/shbin10/xwpfi . (This works for PostScript Type 1 fonts only, not TrueType.)

Leon A. Goldstein's HOWTO for installing WP 8.x on Caldera OpenLinux 2.3 / eDesk 2.4 covers this matter in much greater detail: http://linux-sxs.org/utilities/wp8.html

Please note also that ideally you'll be adding any fonts to any WP 8.x version twice, once as a screen font and once as a printer font. This matter is covered comprehensively by Rod Smith at http://www.rodsbooks.com/wpfonts/.

5.7. What's the difference between the WP versions bundled with CLOS boxed-set versions 1.0 and 1.2?

CLOS 1.0 boxed sets' CD-ROM also includes a second .deb package (package name "wp-manual") containing an electronic WP manual. However, that manual is for the non-Linux Unix version, so its omission from CLOS 1.2 is no big loss. (The same manual in PDF format can be retrieved from http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/compfac/WP/wp8gui.pdf.) The boxed sets' paper-bound WP manual is a lot more useful, anyway.

Also among the additions in CLOS 1.2 was a Corelwine / Winelib (non-Linux-native) port of Corel PhotoPaint 9 (which is also available for download from http://ftp.urc.ac.ru/pub/OS/Linux/print/). Note that PhotoPaint9 suffers the same Corelwine / glibc issues as does WP9: See FAQ section "WP9 stopped working / won't install..." for details.

5.8. Where can I get a boxed-set copy of WP 8.0 PE?

My last known source of this product has vanished, but you could try eBay.

5.9. Where can I find a boxed-set copy of WP 8.0 Server Edition for Linux?

Sites where it was formerly available for order seem to have run dry (perhaps thanks to this FAQ). However, it's worth checking on eBay. Expect to pay about US $450, for the real thing.