Chapter 14. Advanced & less common queueing disciplines

Table of Contents
14.1. bfifo/pfifo
14.2. Clark-Shenker-Zhang algorithm (CSZ)
14.3. DSMARK
14.3.1. Introduction
14.3.2. What is Dsmark related to?
14.3.3. Differentiated Services guidelines
14.3.4. Working with Dsmark
14.3.5. How SCH_DSMARK works.
14.3.6. TC_INDEX Filter
14.4. Ingress qdisc
14.5. Random Early Detection (RED)
14.6. Generic Random Early Detection
14.7. VC/ATM emulation
14.8. Weighted Round Robin (WRR)

Should you find that you have needs not addressed by the queues mentioned earlier, the kernel contains some other more specialized queues mentioned here.