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1. Introduction.

This is the Linux IPX-HOWTO. You should read the Linux NET-3-HOWTO in conjunction with this document.

1.1 Changes from the previous release.

Change of author:
        Many thanks to Terry Dawson for passing on this document and
        congratulations on becoming a father :-).

        Addition of a brief explanation of IPX. This is in response to
        many baffled queries on the discussion lists.   

        New version of ncpfs which now supports NDS logins. This is early
        beta test and may be prohibited in your country due to the use of
        patented technology.

        Addition of support for trustee rights in mars_nwe. This is still
        in beta test.

1.2 Introduction.

The Linux Kernel has a completely new network implementation as compared to other Unix like operating systems. The ability to take a fresh approach to developing the kernel networking software has led to the Linux kernel having support for a range of non tcp/ip protocols being built. The IPX protocol is one of those that have been included.

The Linux kernel supports the IPX protocol only. It does not yet support protocols such as IPX/RIP, SAP or NCP, these are supported by other software such as that documented elsewhere in this document.

The IPX support was originally developed by Alan Cox <> and has been significantly enhanced by Greg Page <>.

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