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11. Configuring your Linux machine as a Novell Print Client.

The ncpfs package includes two small programs that allow you to handle printing from you Linux machine to a printer attached to a Novell print server. The nprint command allows you to print to a file to a NetWare print queue. The pqlist command allows you the list the available print queues on a NetWare server.

To obtain and install these commands just follow the instructions relating to the NCP client described earlier.

Both commands require that you supply username and password so you might normally consider building some shell scripts to make the task of printing easier.

An example might look like:

# pqlist -S ACCT_FS01 -U guest -n
# nprint -S ACCT_FS01 -q LASER -U guest -n filename.txt
The login syntax is similar to the ncpmount command. The examples above assume that fileserver ACCT_FS01 has a guest account with no password, that a print queue called LASER exists and that guest is allowed to print to it.

On my Linux boxen I have a short shell script for each Novell printer. This can then be used as a print filter to allow printing using the standard Linux spooler.

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