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19. Miscellaneous and Acknowledgements.

Terry Dawson <> for the original document

David E. Storey <> and Volker Lendecke <> both assisted greatly by supplying me with information for this document. Gilbert Callaghan <>, David Higgins <> and Chad Robinson <> each contributed information on configuring IPX/PPP. Bennie Venter <> contributed some useful information relating to frame types. Christopher Wall < contributed some useful suggestions to improve the readability and layout of the document. Axel Boldt <> contributed some useful suggestions and feedback. Erik D. Olson <> provided some useful feedback and information on configuring PPP for IPX. Brian King <> contributed a question for the FAQ section.

"NetWare" is a registered trademark of the Novell Corporation. "Caldera" is a registered trademark of the Caldera Corporation.

regards Kevin Thorpe.


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