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10. Labels and References

<!entity % xref
        " label|ref|pageref|cite|url|htmlurl|ncite " >

As soon as itīs a little bit more sophisticated a document will need references to other places within the document.

10.1 Label Tag

<!element label - o empty>
<!attlist label id cdata #required>

If you want to refer to a spot, chapter or section within your document you place a label tag.

A example could look like:

<sect1>Welcome to the article<label id="intro">

10.2 Reference Tag

<!element ref - o empty>
<!attlist ref
        id cdata #required
        name cdata "<@@refnam>">

With this tag you can refer to a place within your document labeled as in Label Tag.

The way the reference is mapped in you document again depends to the mapper. May result to a hyper-ref (HTML) or a section number (LaTeX).

10.3 Page reference Tag

<!element pageref - o empty>
<!attlist pageref
        id cdata #required>

A example for a pageref:

<pageref id="intro">

In the HTML mapping there is no use for pageref, because there are no page numbers. In LaTeX mapping the tag is mapped to the pagenumber of the reffered label.

10.4 Url Tag

<!element url - o empty>
<!attlist url
        url cdata #required
        name cdata "<@@urlnam>" >

A example for a url:

<url url="" name="GNU Organization">

GNU Organisation

The mapping to html brings up a hyper-ref in your document. The reference is the value of the url attribute, the text standing in the Hyperref is the name attribute's value.

In LaTeX mapping this one results to the name followed by the url.

10.5 Htmlurl Tag

<!element htmlurl - o empty>
<!attlist htmlurl
        url cdata #required
        name cdata "<@@urlnam>" >

A example for a htmlurl:
<htmlurl url="" name="GNU Organization">

GNU Organisation

The only difference between this tag and the Url Tag is in the LaTeX mapping.

The LaTeX mapping simply drops the url attribute and emphasizes the name.

In all other cases it's absolutely the same as the url tag.

10.6 Cite Tag

<!element cite - o empty>
<!attlist cite
        id cdata #required>

AFAIK this one needīs bibTeX to work nicely. So I'm terribly sorry, but I was not jet able to make use of it. For that reason for sure I'm the wrong one to explain about it.

10.7 Ncite Tag

<!element ncite - o empty>
<!attlist ncite
        id cdata #required
        note cdata #required>

Same as Cite Tag.

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