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14. Named Symbols

14.1 Named Characters

This is a slightly modified list taken from [SGML-Tools User's Guide 1.0 ($Revision: $)]. If you miss some, don't hesitate to mail. A lot of the named characters shown in table Named Characters are same as in the html-dtd.

Æ Aacute Á Acirc  Ae Ä Agrave À Atilde Ã
Auml Ä Ccedil Ç Eacute É Egrave È Euml Ë Iacute Í
Icirc Î Igrave Ì Iuml Ï Ntilde Ñ Oacute Ó Ocirc Ô
Oe Ö Ograve Ò Oslash Ø Ouml Ö Uacute Ú Ue Ü
Ugrave Ù Uuml Ü Yacute Ý aacute á acirc â ae ä
aelig æ agrave à amp & apos ' aring å arr
ast * atilde ã auml ä bsol \ bull ccedil ç
cir circ ^ clubs colon : comma , commat @
copy © darr deg ° diams divide ÷ dollar $
dquot " eacute é ecirc ê egrave è equals = etago </
euml ë excl ! frac12 1/2 frac14 1/4 frac18 1/8 frac34 3/4
frac38 3/8 frac58 5/8 frac78 7/8 gt > half 1/2 hearts
hellip ... horbar hyphen iacute í icirc î iexcl ¡
igrave ì iquest ¿ iuml ï laquo « larr lcub {
ldquo lowbar _ lpar ( lsqb [ lsquo lt <
mdash micro µ middot · mu µ ndash not ¬
ntilde ñ num # oacute ó ocirc ô oe ö ograve ò
ohm Ω ordf ª ordm º oslash ø otilde õ ouml ö
para percnt % period . plus + plusmn ± pound
quest ? quot " raquo » rarr -> rcub } rdquo
reg ® rpar ) rsqb ] rsquo sect § semi ;
sol / spades sup1 ^1 sup2 ^2 sup3 ^3 sz ß
szlig ß tilde ~ times × trade uacute ú uarr
ucirc û ue ü ugrave ù uuml ü verbar | yacute ý
Named Characters

14.2 Named Whitespaces

There is a small number of whatever you want to name it. The look like named characters, but will be printed not always, or not at all.


Thin space:

d&thinsp;D ->d D


Emphasized space: d&emsp;D -> d D


Normal space: /d&ensp;D/ -> d D


No break space: A spaces at wich the line is not allowed to be broken. Two words separated by a nbsp will be treated by parser and mapper to be a single long one.


Suggest Hyphen: If the mapper is up to break a word, with has the shy tag inside, it will probably do the wordbreak at the place of the shy tag and place a hyphen instead. If no wordbreak is necessary the shy expands to nothging at all.

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