Chapter 6. Other Useful/Important Documents

Users are advised to read :-

The best general starting point for Linux documentation is The Linux Documentation Project Home Page. The HOWTO's tend to be revised reasonably regularly.

Whilst you can use this document to create your PPP link without reading any of these documents, you will have a far better understanding of what is going on if you do so! You will also be able to address problems yourself (or at least ask more intelligent questions on the comp.os.linux... newsgroups or Linux mailing lists).

These documents (as well as various others, including the relevant RFCs) provide additional and more detailed explanation than is possible in this HOWTO.

If you are connecting a LAN to the Internet using PPP, you will need to know a reasonable amount about TCP/IP networking. In addition to the documents above, you will find the O'Reilly books "TCP/IP Network Administration" and "Building Internet Firewalls" of considerable benefit!

6.1. Useful Linux Mailing Lists

There are many Linux mailing lists that operate as a means of communication between users of many levels of ability. By all means subscribe to those that interest you and contribute your expertise and views.

A word to the wise: some lists are specifically aimed at "high powered" users and/or specific topics. Whilst no-one will complain if you 'lurk' (subscribe but don't post messages), you are likely to earn heated comments (if not outright flames) if you post 'newbie' questions to inappropriate lists.

This is not because guru level users hate new users, but because these lists are there to handle the specific issues at particular levels of difficulty.

By all means join the lists that offer open subscription, but keep your comments relevant to the subject of the list!

A good starting point for Linux mailing lists is Linux Mailing List Directory