18.3. Editing the supplied PPP startup scripts

As the new scripts come in two parts, we will edit them in turn.

18.3.1. The ppp-on script

You will need to edit the script to reflect YOUR user name at your ISP, YOUR password at your ISP, and the telephone number of your ISP.

Each of the lines like "TELEPHONE=" actually set up shell variables that contain the information to the right of the '=' (excluding the comments of course). So edit each of these lines so it is correct for your ISP and connection.

Also, as you are setting the IP number (if you need to) in the /etc/ppp/options file, DELETE the line that says


Also, make sure that the shell variable DIALER_SCRIPT points at the full path and name of the dialer script that you are actually going to use. So, if you have moved this or renamed the script, make sure you edit this line correctly in the ppp-on script!

18.3.2. The ppp-on-dialer script

This is the second of the scripts that actually brings up our ppp link.

Note: a chat script is normally all on one line. the backslashes are used to allow line continuations across several physical lines (for human readability) and do not form part of the script itself.

However, it is very useful to look at it in detail so that we understand what it is actually (supposed) to be doing!