15.2. What options should I use? (No PAP/CHAP)

Well, as in all things, that depends, (sigh). The options specified here should work with most servers.

However, if it does NOT work, READ THE TEMPLATE FILE (/etc/ppp/options.tpl) and the pppd man pages and speak to the sysadmin/user support people who run the server to which you are connecting.

You should also note that the connect scripts presented here also use some command line options to pppd to make things a bit easier to change.

# /etc/ppp/options (NO PAP/CHAP)
# Prevent pppd from forking into the background
# use the modem control lines
# use uucp style locks to ensure exclusive access to the serial device
# use hardware flow control
# create a default route for this connection in the routing table
# do NOT set up any "escaped" control sequences
asyncmap 0
# use a maximum transmission packet size of 552 bytes
mtu 552
# use a maximum receive packet size of 552 bytes
mru 552
#-------END OF SAMPLE /etc/ppp/options (no PAP/CHAP)