3.3. Testing

As long as make and make install have finished without errors, you are now ready to test your installation (If you did experience errors, please review the ClamAV documentation that was included in the tar ball. You may also try the ClamAV website for some helpful tips). To test your installation type:

#clamscan -r -l scan.txt clamav-0.65

Clamscan should find a test virus (This is NOT a real virus) in the clamav-0.65/test directory and log it to the scan.txt log file.

Now you need to configure the ClamAV daemon, clamd, for testing.

#vi /usr/local/etc/clamav.conf

Comment out "Example" line in clamav.conf and save.

#clamdscan -l scan.txt clamav-0.65

This should provide output that is similar to the clamscan command you entered above.