4.3. Installing Qmail-Scanner

We are now ready to install Qmail-Scanner. Download the latest source of Qmail-Scanner. As of the writing of this HOWTO, it is 1.20.

Create a user for Qmail-Scanner to run as.

#groupadd qscand
#useradd qscand -g qscand -c "qmail scanner" -s /nonexistent

Unpack the tar ball and change to the Qmail-Scanner directory.

#tar -zxvf qmail-scanner-1.20.tar.gz
#cd qmail-scanner-1.20

Run Configure to autodetect what software is installed on your system. Review the output to make sure it is correct. It should look similar to this:


This script will search your system for the virus scanners it knows
about, and will ensure that all external programs
qmail-scanner-queue.pl uses are explicitly pathed for performance

It will then generate qmail-scanner-queue.pl - it is up to you to install it

Continue? ([Y]/N) <PRESS ENTER>

Found tnef on your system! That means we'll be able to decode stupid
M$ attachments :-)

The following binaries and scanners were found on your system:


Content/Virus Scanners installed on your System

clamuko=/usr/local/bin/clamdscan (which means clamscan won't be used as clamdscan is better)

Qmail-Scanner details.

virus-admin=root@mail  --substitute you domain here
local-domains='mail' --substitute your domain here

If that looks correct, I will now generate qmail-scanner-queue.pl
for your system...
Continue? ([Y]/N)<PRESS ENTER>


Now type:

# ./configure ?install

This installs qmail-scanner-queue.pl and creates the necessary directory structures. You should see similar messages as before. Once again, read the output of the script to make sure everything is correct. If it is press ENTER to install Qmail-scanner.

If qmail has been installed successfully, qmail-scanner-queue.pl should now be installed. You should see qmail-scanner-queue.pl in /var/qmail/bin.

#ls /var/qmail/bin

If you do not see qmail-scanner-queue.pl in /var/qmail/bin, then execute the configure script again. Please pay attention to the output of the script and verify that all of the settings are correct. You can also visit the Qmail-scanner mail-archives at http://lists.sourceforge.net/mailman/listinfo/qmail-scanner-general .