G.3. Acknowledgments

The first edition of this HOWTO was written by Mark Komarinski. It was based upon /usr/src/linux/Documentation/serial-console.txt, which was written by Miquel van Smoorenburg.

The second edition of this HOWTO was written by the staff of the Australian Academic and Research Network, mainly Glen Turner and David Vu.

The following people have contributed to this HOWTO. They are listed in no particular order.

LinuxSA mailing list

Proof reading of the Second Edition. LinuxSA is a Linux user group based in South Australia.

David Lawyer

Technical review of the Second Edition and recommending the updated HOWTO to the Linux Documentation Project. David is author of the Text-Terminal-HOWTO.

Devin Reade

Xyplex terminal server information. Devin maintains information about Xyplex terminal servers at http://www.gno.org/~gdr/xyplex/.

Michael Brown, Marc Mondragon and other members of the Linux on Dell PowerEdge mailing list

Technically described how the BIOS redirects characters to the serial port. The Linux on Dell PowerEdge list can be subscribed to by sending a message containing subscribe linux-poweredge to .

Thomas Lunde, Gabor Kiss and Carlo Belon

Noticed errors of grammar and typography.

Darren Young

Updates to /etc/security/console.perms for Red Hat Linux 7.2.

Yasufumi Haga

Spotted many errors whilst translating this HOWTO into Japanese for the JF Linux documentation endeavour.

Thomas Horsley

Pointed out that the X Window System may still need to be running even if a serial console is used. Supplied the gdm configuration used in Figure 7-3.

Greg Matthews, Nathan Neulinger and Romildo Wildgrube

Encountered and reported that machines hang when booting if kernel parameter console=ttySr is used. This is due to a kernel bug which loops testing CTS without firstly checking that DSR and DCD are asserted.

Shaun Karl and Keisuke Nakao

Procedures for Debian GNU/Linux.

Igor Sviridov

Configuration of Livingstone Portmaster terminal server in Section E.5.

Sue Bauer-Lee

Suggested using the off clause in /etc/inittab in Figure 6-9 rather than commenting or deleting the excess mingetty invocations. This has the advatage that no automated system administration tool will restore the excess inittab entries.

Yasuhiro Suzuki

Noticed inconsistent descrtiptions of Clear to Send and Ready to Send.