Mirror was designed to duplicate a directory hierarchy between two machines. It avoids copying files unnecessarily by comparing the file time-stamps and file sizes before transferring.   Mirror was writen by Lee McLoughlin <lmjm@icparc.ic.ac.uk>.

The latest version is Mirror 2.9 which will run on Un*x, Wind*ws 95 and Wind*ws NT.   Its sole requirement is Perl 4, or better still, Perl 5.

Downloading Mirror

The latest version of mirror can always be found at:

     ftp://sunsite.org.uk/packages/mirror/mirror.tar.gz  (or via http)
     ftp://sunsite.org.uk/packages/mirror/mirror.zip   (or via http)

The latest version of this document can be found at:


You should be able to find all these files at one of the mirror sites:






    ftp://SunSITE.sut.ac.jp/pub/archives/packages/mirror/ (or via http)


Mirror FAQ
    A collection of frequently asked questions and answers.
Quick Start Guide - for the Impatient
    As the name suggests a very quick guide to configuring and running mirror.

Reference Manual
    The full guide to using mirror including all the command line arguments and keywords, with suggestions for mirroring unusual file systems, example files and hints.

Mirror Master
    Mirror Master is aimed at archive maintainers with very complex mirroring needs who need to run multiple mirrors in parallel.

Changes since Mirror 2.8
    For those running the old version here is what's new.
Mirror People Mailing List
    If you are interested in developing mirror (not just getting the latest releases but actually doing work) there is a mailing list mirror-people@icparc.ic.ac.uk.  Subscribe by emailing majordomo@icparc.ic.ac.uk a message of:
    subscribe mirror-people
But please do NOT do this unless you have the time to work on mirror.


The Cool Graphic
The really cool java applet at the start of this page is the "Lake" applet courtesy of David Griffiths.

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