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5. Inlines

<!entity % inline
        " (#pcdata | f| x| %emph; |sq| %xref | %index | file )* " >

Inlines may occure anywhere within the text, and doesn't have any influence to the textflow or logical structure of the document.


Parsed character data is just normal written text within the flow wich may contain other inlines.


Inline mathematical formulas according to the maths.dtd. See The Formula Tag.


The external tag wich is bypassing the parser. Tagged data walks directly into the mapped file. See chapter The External Tag for detailed information.


Emphasizes of the text. See chapter Emphasizes.


Shortquotes within the textflow. See chapter The Short Quote Tad.


XReferecnces within the text or external references. See chapter Labels and References.


Again I can't explain this one. If you can, please mail.


Again I can't explain this one (I only could guess about picture files in eps). If you can, please mail.

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