2. Samples

This section gives some simple SGML examples you could use. Read the SGML source to see how it was done.

Further information and examples can be obtained from the publication DocBook: The Definitive Guide. Written by Norman Walsh and Leonard Muellner; 1st Edition, October 1999.

2.1. Lists

Lists are used frequently, and are available in a number of formats shown below.

A list in which each entry is marked with a bullet or other dingbat:

A list in which each entry is composed of a set of one or more terms and an associated description:


such as apples, oranges, and more.


Don't eat too many; you are what you eat.


Potatos are spelled with care.

A list in which each entry is marked with a sequentially incremented label:

  1. Step one

  2. Step two

2.2. Links

Links can be used within your documents to refer to different sections and chapters or to refer to documents external to yours.

2.2.1. Internal links

Click on the Section 2 link to jump to the top of this chapter. Note the anchor at the section tag.

2.2.2. External links

Click on this link to jump to the LDP site. Note you can use http, ftp, news and other protocols in the locator if required.

2.3. Images

Avoid diagrams if possible as this cannot be rendered in the ASCII outputs which are still needed by many around the world.

Figure 1. Graphics Test Image

Here is another variation which allows for ALT text:

        ALT text to be used: Green Ball

Caption for the graphic goes here: This is a Green Ball.